Serefe is a platform where you can talk to professional and trained counsellors and listeners via various media- chat, voice and video calls, and seek help for your various psychosocial needs.
We offer counselling services through various trained professionals from all walks of life: from the fields of developmental psychology, career counselling, family-and-marriage counselling, senior-citizen’s assistance, personal mental health, spiritual and psychic healing, among many others.
Communications between you and the counsellor can proceed in three ways: -Via text messages with your counselor -Via calls from our platform -Via video conferencing from our platform You can use whichever medium suits you, based on your needs and convenience
Being an aggregator service, we haven't given the refund option on our services considering the time and effort it takes on the counsellor's end once they recieve a certain session request. However, under certain circumstance, you can mail us at hello@serefe.org and we'll refund part of the booking amount.